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Need Resources in the City of Dallas?

Our team is dedicated to providing the necessary support and resources within the Dallas area. Whether it's counseling, legal aid, or community programs, we're here to help guide you through.

Have You or Someone You Know Been Impacted by Violence?

In our commitment to fostering a safer and crime-free community, we are here to support those affected by violence. 


Don't hesitate to reach out for assistance. Our hotline is available to provide immediate support and guide you towards the resources you need.


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Individuals Impacted


Businesses & Organizations


OG's Catalyzed



We Need You To Help Positively Transform Urban Culture

Collaborate and build community by leveraging resources, sharing information, and multiplying positive impact.

OGU: Empowering Influencers to Transform Urban Communities

OGU is a world-class training experience. The program catalyzes OG's and influencers to use their impact to make a positive change in urban communities though mentoring, education and economic development.

USC3: A Networking Hub for Urban Changemakers

USC3 is a networking hub where changemakers collaborate, share information, build capacity and pool resources to increase impact in urban neighborhoods

BOSOE: Empowering Minority Entrepreneurs 

Bishop Omar School of Entrepreneurship's Community Business Academy (CBA) helps minority entrepreneurs launch or grow their business through innovative classroom instruction and hands-on training in business planning and management.

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UniteVersity provides prospective Changemakers with an on-demand interface for learning more about the products and services offered by Urban Specialists. This training will equip you with everything you need to get ACTIVATED!

Antong Lucky and Urban Specialists lead this training with so much excitement! We invite you to join our exclusive community of Changemakers. The Pathways to Change Starts with US!

Urban Specialists™ Inc vision is to disrupt the trends of violence and poverty that exist in urban communities.


Through invading the most influential segments of Urban Culture, we disrupt violence and toxic trends in Urban Communities by equipping leaders through training excellence, network building, and pathways of engagement.

‘Killing Ain’t Cool’ Peace Rally Held in Dallas

Urban Specialists hosted a ‘Killing Ain’t Cool’ peace rally in Dallas to raise awareness about an uptick in violent crime and to promote ways to reduce the number of deaths due to gun violence.

Dallas nonprofit leader instrumental in transforming communities to speak at SMU

Antong Lucky, CEO of nonprofit Urban Specialists, is now championing a new law that hopes to help minors who...

How Dallas tackled violent crime

In Dallas, Texas, overall violent crime has dropped by 30% from a year ago.

It's not the first year the numbers have gone down. 



Discover Mill City 50, a transformative housing initiative nestled within East Dallas' vibrant Mill City neighborhood. A culmination of seven years of dedicated planning and development, this project is set to deliver 50 exquisite two-story single-family homes, carefully crafted for families who meet the qualifying criteria. These homes, priced affordably between $209,000 and $271,000 as recognized by the City of Dallas, redefine the concept of workforce housing. Ranging from 1,400 to 2,000 square feet, each residence boasts three bedrooms, a one-car garage, and private fenced backyards, offering a perfect blend of comfort and style. Embrace a new chapter of community living with Mill City 50, where homeownership dreams come to life. For further details and to express your interest, kindly fill out the form below. Welcome to a brighter future at Mill City 50!

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Training Excellence 

We provide seamless and world-class training experiences that are rooted in clear learning objectives, best practices, and research, and produce transformative outcomes. 

Network Building

We build meaningful relationships across institutions, cultural influencers, businesses, and organizations with whom we can collaborate in a mutually supportive manner to advance our vision. 

Providing Pathways to Engagement

Offering various engagements and pathways that create opportunities to disrupt the trends of violence, poverty and lack of social capital.  


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