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Our Vision

To disrupt the trends of violence and poverty by recruiting, training, and deploying changemakers from various backgrounds to positively impact urban communities.

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Urban Specialists exist to identify and activate a network of change makers who transform communities through powerful, local leadership. 

Our primary aim is to recruit, train, and deploy change makers from various backgrounds, and across

a variety of pathways to be forces for good in 

their communities.

Through invading the most influential segments of Urban Culture, we can disrupt toxic trends.  On a personal level, we intrude with transformative life experiences that are a healthy alternative to the destructive mainstream.

We equip local leaders to positively impact urban communities

Explore the fascinating history of Urban Specialists by taking a journey through our timeline, which highlights the key moments that led to our success. Discover how it all began and the significant milestones we've achieved along the way. Explore our timeline and learn more about our rich history.

Our History



Achievement Against the Odds Award

Omar Jahwar received the Achievement Against the Odds award from the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE).



Vision Regeneration

Vision Regeneration is created to utilize Urban Specialists™ for violence prevention, gang intervention, and youth rehabilitation in South & East Dallas.


Achieving Peace

Successfully negotiated the first gang truce in Dallas, TX between the “Crips” and “Bloods”.


Community Beautification

Begin job training program to train and employ Urban Specialists™ to plant “Grass, Trees, and Shrubs” and renovate houses in the Frazier Court area.



Awarded the Communities Empowering Youth (CEY) Federal capacity-building grant, while serving in 18 Dallas ISD schools in the area of youth violence prevention and gang intervention.


Finding the Solution

Hosted the 1st Solutions Conference, connecting community leaders, ex-gang leaders, judicial, law enforcement and corrections leaders – to distill the best practices for ending youth violence and changing youth culture.


The Invasion

Positive Xchange is launched in the Dallas area as an information resource and social networking opportunity for urban youth.



The Power Movement

Urban Specialists™ form the US Power Movement to transform Urban Culture, end generational poverty and stop irrational violence.


International Humanitarian Award

Urban Specialists™ receive the International Humanitarian Award in Dallas, TX.

Urban Specialists™ launch a US Chapter in Atlanta, GA and Baton Rouge, LA.



Urban Specialists™ launch OGU in Dallas, Atlanta, and Baton Rouge to train catalytic citizens that have the influence to positively impact their community.

Bishop Omar received the Rise and Shine Award from WFAA (Dallas ABC News Affiliate)

US kicked off the Heal America Tour in Dallas, Texas reaching over 70k people


Healing America

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, US helped to secure over 4k applicants across Dallas, Atlanta, Baton Rouge to receive an available $10M.

The Heal America Tour stopped in Detroit, MI, Dallas, TX, Minneapolis, MN, Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, and Jackson, MS to discuss citizenship and racial justice.

President & CEO

Antong Lucky

About Our President

Antong Lucky, is the President & CEO of Urban Specialists a national non-profit working to equip, empower, and educate changemakers to become the solution to their own communities through mentoring, educational and entrepreneurial endeavors. At an early age, Lucky was embroiled in a life of crime that ultimately landed him in prison. Antong denounced his gang affiliation, and subsequently began working to unite the rival gangs. He quickly rose to become one of the most respected and sought after mentors in prison. Upon release from prison, Antong met Omar Jahwar and he has spent the last twenty-two years working to end violence in communities and build sustainable communities. Antong has spent the last 5 years working to end violence in urban communities by training (Original Guides) across the country. Most recently Antong trains police officers on effective community engagement strategies. He is a sought out speaker on issues of eradicating violence, Re-entry, criminal justice reform and bridging the gap between law enforcement and community.

Since 1997

The Urban Specialists™ (US) is a nationally recognized 501(c)3 organization, headquartered in Dallas, TX.  US was founded by Bishop Omar Jahwar, the voice of urban Dallas communities, most notably as it relates to social change and eradicating senseless violence.

US is built on the proven experience of over 23 years promoting strong families, helping to strengthen communities, and advocating for peace by working diligently we ensure that change makers are equipped with the necessary tools to curb the violence plaguing urban communities.

Meet Our Directors

Our organization is deeply committed to serving our community, and we have a proven track record of being a reliable and established entity in the industry. We take pride in our long-standing history of providing exceptional service to our customers, and our team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Our passion for making a positive impact in our community is the driving force behind everything we do, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence.

Candace Fleming

Chief Operations Officer

Rod Givens

Director of Finance

Corey Cleghorn

Director of Strategy & Partnerships

Keeondra Carter

Director of Marketing

Tileyah Lucky

Content Manager

Amanda D. Hall

Executive Assistant to Antong Lucky &   Candace Fleming

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Work with integrity and tenaciously follow activities through to completion. Always strive for excellence. Practice good stewardship over resources and time.


Be accountable by operating so the effort and actions taken are clearly visible and easy to follow. Communicate openly.


Think and understand quickly to make meaningful, sound decisions. Be fluid and able to adapt to changing conditions.


Be a Culturalist. Understand Urban Culture and stay relevant. Be a positive agent of change and influence. Translate the Urban experience to outsiders and visitors. Invade Urban Culture, be compassionate, honest, connected and vigilant.


Believe in and hope for redemption. Support opportunities to give people another chance. Be patient and show empathy


Promote team work and shared learning. Build together and support each other. Leverage resources and knowledge to produce viral change.


Be inspired and creative. Understand technology as a tool to build the future. Lead Urban Culture in setting positive technological trends and creating opportunities for innovation


Live in a manner directed by a moral compass. Believe in God. Fervently pursue wisdom, truth and justice.


Urban Specialists are committed to executing our programs partnerships and key decision making based on these guiding principles

Our Founder
Bishop Omar M. Jahwar

The Founder of Urban Specialists, Bishop Omar Jahwar was an internationally renowned community leader and advocate.  His pipeline from the Hood to the White House was filled with a host of historically “unusual” partnerships and alliances that extended to his shared network.  Bishop Omar is widely known all over the world for his results-driven approach to interrupting senseless violence and bringing about positive change in communities with increased crime, and high poverty rates.  He was committed to revitalizing urban communities to ending the culture of violence.

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