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Neighborhood Canvas Day is a unique opportunity for us to unite, take action, and put an end to violence in our neighborhood. By participating in this event, you will actively contribute to a movement that strives for a safer, more peaceful environment for every member of our community.

During this event, we will hit the streets, engaging in meaningful conversations with our neighbors and spreading awareness about the consequences of violence. Your involvement will help us reach out, connect, and empower one another to make a tangible difference in our community.

There are three locations to choose from on June 30 starting at 5:00PM CST. We ask that you show up 20 minutes prior to our start time. 


Peoples El Shaddai Village

2836 E. Overton Rd Dallas,TX 75216

Trinity Trails Apts

7203 S. Loop 12 Dallas, TX 75217

White Diamonds

3906 W Camp Wisdom Rd. Dallas,Tx 75237

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